The ESG landscape is complex – and requires new skills.

In a world of accelerated energy transition, executives, managers and front-line employees need new ‘ESG skills’ to support their business and thrive into the future. For some businesses, the path to Net Zero is becoming clearer.​

It’s vital for oil and gas industry professionals to have a comprehensive perspective on Environmental, Social and Governance issues. Investors, governments and stakeholders are focused on climate change and sustainability. There are a growing number of social and governance questions to address. Do you have the skills and knowledge to thrive in this evolving environment? 

What sets us apart​? 

  • We use leading experts in ESG specific to energy. Our course partners have deep experience within oil and gas and a passion to share their experience.​
  • We offer both on-demand and live ESG courses so you can learn at your pace and interact online with learners. Courses can be taken individually or as a group.​
  • Our course curriculum is highly specific to oil and gas. This ensures you receive ESG knowledge you can act upon within your workplace.​
  • We have decades of experience delivering data and media solutions to the global energy industry. We understand the core concerns of operators and what drives the industry. We have access to deep sector knowledge that we can reference in our course materials.​


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